AI4D Africa's Anglophone Multidisciplinary Research Lab


This project is a unique collaboration across two public academic institutions in Tanzania, UDOM & NM-AIST; with the aim of establishing a multidisciplinary AI4D lab that fosters research, training, innovation, and internationalization. The lab will bring together academia, industries and public institutions in Africa to develop research-based AI solutions that can contribute to addressing societal challenges in an equitable and gender responsive manner.

Main Objective

The main objective of the Lab is to strengthen the capacity of a public university in Africa to conduct high-quality, multidisciplinary, responsible AI research and teaching by establishing a multidisciplinary and gender-inclusive Africa Artificial Intelligence for Development research laboratory.

Key Objectives of the Lab

  1. To strengthen research and teaching capacity in responsible AI across Anglophone Africa through mentorship, community building and the equitable distribution of high-quality teaching and training materials.
  2. To increase understanding of how to advance responsible, multidisciplinary and gender- inclusive African AI research methodologies and training capacity for new and experienced researchers through mentoring and exploratory research,
  3. To explore how to support AI deployment and commercialization from academia to the private sector.


To become a multi-disciplinary lab that ventures in cutting-edge AI research, training, and development of industrially scalable products that solves societal challenges in Africa in equitable and gender responsive manner.


To become a center of excellence in AI4D research, teaching, and innovation for the development of Africa and the region.